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Water Meters With Electrical Output (All Types & Sizes) Model



Water Meters With Electrical Output (All Types & Sizes) Model

Water Meters With Electrical Output (All Types & Sizes) Model


The constantly growing penetration of automation and computerized data processing into water usage, in agriculture, industry, urbanic water supply systems and any other field where more is required than just the traditional mechanical register of water meters, creates a high demand for measuring instruments which are able to provide electrical information about the flow. Arad Water Meters equipped with electrical output devices combine the high reliability of the hermetically sealed, magnetically driven register with a wide variety of electric output options. All existing Arad Water Meters with magnetic registers can be easily upgraded to include electrical output.

Application Examples

1. Remote Reading
In combination with a remote reading system, or computerized data acquisition system, it is possible to collect and process water usage data in multi-apartment houses, in places with no access, or wherever it is required to bring all data to one point.

2. Flowrate Measuring
With the appropriate type of electrical output it is possible to obtain on-line information about the flowrate which can be displayed, stored or both.

3. Flowrate Control
With the appropriate type of electrical output and additional electronic control device it is possible to perform various functions like the operation of valves, pumps or alarm signals according to various preset levels of flowrate.

4. Bi-directional Flow Measurement
With the appropriate electrical output and an additional electronic module it is possible to distinguish between flow directions, to measure and record flow rates and volumes passed in each direction.

5. Batching
Feeding electrical output to a batching controller enables pre-setting and delivering of accurate volumes of water in irrigation systems, industrial process etc.

Electrical Output Types

Two types of outputs exist for various functions as follows:

1. “VOLUME” output - for functions related only to the measured volume. Transducer: Reed Switch. Designation: EV
2. “FLOWRATE” output - for functions related to the rate of change in the flowing volumes. Transducer: Photo Diode Designation: EF
3. "VOLUME" output of 1/10 of first pointer volume.

Transducer: Photo Diode
Designation: EF-P